Info om världens ledande hårtransplantationslänk Hasson och Wong - Varför välja dem framför andra kliniker?

Info om världens ledande hårtransplantationslänk Hasson och Wong - Varför välja dem framför andra kliniker?

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The Many Reasons To Consider Hasson & Wong As Your Hair Transplant Surgeons

The Evidence
At Hasson & Wong we are proud of our results. We have big, clear consistent photographs showing the results that our patients are getting time and time again. We do not have to resort to misleading hairstyles or inconsistent lighting to skew the actual results. The photographs in our patient gallery are original and untouched. Each photograph has the option to view in a larger format. Simply click on each photograph to see the larger version.


Hasson & Wong have more hair transplant patients that have personally documented their experiences on the Internet than any other hair restoration center that we know of. These patients are proud of their results and are not compensated in any way. They are helping others to understand that a hair transplant can be a very rewarding experience in the hands of the right doctors.

Our Experience
At Hasson & Wong we have thoroughly scrutinized and analyzed every detail of the hair transplant surgery process to be certain that it is being performed optimally. Both Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong have considerable experience in the field of hair restoration having performed thousands of procedures each. With our design of custom surgical blade cutters and the innovative Hasson & Wong Lateral Slit Technique each of our hair transplant patient receives the finest possible outcome. To date, we’ve performed over 20,000 hair transplant surgeries! The evidence of our experience is in our results.

Our Dedication
With such experienced and dedicated hair transplant surgical team, Hasson & Wong are consistently able to work the long hours necessary to perform the largest megasessions of any hair transplant clinic safely and efficiently. This dedication has allowed Hasson & Wong to be the only hair transplant clinic to safely harvest over 5000 grafts in a single session. Hasson & Wong perform megasessions of two, three and four thousand grafts daily. Our dedication to the advancement of hair transplant surgery is clear from the contributions we have made to date.

Our Reputation
Hasson & Wong have gained a worldwide reputation for consistent excellence. We welcome patients from around the world on a weekly basis. International patients make up fifty percent of our overall patient demographic many of whom come from Asia and Europe as well as the United States and Canada.

When it comes to hair transplant surgery you can’t afford second best. With all of the reasons presented it should be easy to see why Hasson & Wong is the hair transplant clinic to trust with your hair restoration goals.

Authentic Photography and Videos

Hasson and Wong proudly post their work online with crystal-clear hair transplant photos and hair transplant videos. We want you to see the kind of results you can expect and to be able to explore the quality of our work. We present our photos side-by-side, in a slider so you can interact and see the difference for yourself, and full-size so you can get in really close. Our full-length videos cover multiple distinct perspectives, feature picture-in-picture “before” state to make comparisons easier, and include a comb-thru to present our amazingly undetectable incisions in the donor area and to show exactly how the transplanted hair is growing.

We guarantee our photos and videos are always unretouched and only feature our own real patients and their authentic results.

Here’s an Illustration displaying many of the angles included in our clinical hair transplant videos. Hasson and Wong’s hair transplant result videos feature close-up views of the donor area, the hairline, top of the head, crown and sides. Whenever possible we include matched overlays that let you see the before and after states superimposed. We also include “comb-thrus” to expose the donor area, scar and hairline in close-up detail.

More Options
Hasson and Wong offer the quickest and most convenient hair transplant surgery using the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) method of harvesting donor hair. This method allows huge numbers of grafts to be harvested and placed within a single surgical session (“megasessions”).

We also offer Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is a slower method of extraction and circumvents a linear scar. Large sessions using FUE can be achieved over multiple sessions, most often over the space of two days. Regardless of which method is used to harvest the donor grafts, implantation relies on The Doctors’ experience, skills and techniques to achieve the same results.

World Renowned Hair Transplant Surgeons
We have gained a worldwide reputation for our consistently outstanding hair transplant results. Both Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong are regularly invited to speak, present and share their work at professional industry events such as the recent 3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop in Turkey and ISHRS’ annual scientific meetings. Dr. Wong is also busy with the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Aside from being active in the international hair restoration medical community, Hasson and Wong have performed hair transplant surgery on patients from more than 70 countries! In fact, most of our patients come from outside of Vancouver where the clinic is located. Our experienced staff is happy to welcome international patients and can serve you in English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Cantonese. A translator can be arranged for any language!


Mind Blowing Hair Transplant Results!
Dr. Hasson studied the work of world’s leading hair transplant surgeons leaders and distilled and incorporated what he learned into the most effective hair transplant procedures possible. He included a device of his own invention to create custom-cut blades which are individually tailored to each region of the patient’s donor area. Dr. Hasson continually refined procedures to be able to offer “megasessions” where many thousands of grafts can be harvested and transplanted in a one-day surgical session, providing a great significant convenience to all patients.

“To say that these results were “mind- blowing” would be an understatement. Please picture a young man with former type 5 baldness with over 5,000 FUs harvested and planted in A SINGLE SESSION and growing with close to 100% perfection. Not only growing, but planted at up to 80 grafts per square centimeter and the appearance of giving completely normal hair direction and density with no “crinkle” whatsoever and a donor scar of 1-2mm. The rest of us will be a long time catching up with the skills of Jerry and Victor and their wonderful staff of Assistants.”
(Dr. Richard Shiell the editor Emeritis of the Hair Transplant Forum International’s publication Vol 14, Number 5 printed for September / October 2004.)

Hair Transplant Pioneers
Dr. Jerry Wong and Dr. Victor Hasson are among the most experienced and respected hair transplant surgeons in the world. They are very literally pioneers of the most advanced techniques available in hair transplant surgery today. Dr. Wong introduced the “Lateral Slit Technique” which caused a revolution in the hair transplant industry because it overcame issues with “plugginess” and allowed the results of surgery look extremely natural.

“Coronal implantation, [Lateral Slit Technique] via a flat blade, may be the single most important breakthrough in follicular unit transplantation in the last decade. Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong pioneered this technique and use it exclusively in their hair transplant practice. “
(About the Lateral Slit Technique from the Special Addendum to Arkasas Follicular Units Workshop, 2003 directed by Dr. Dow Stough, Dr. David Seager and Dr. Bill Parsley.)
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