A Safety and Efficacy Study of Setipiprant Tablets in Androgenetic Alopecia in Males

A Safety and Efficacy Study of Setipiprant Tablets in Androgenetic Alopecia in Males

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Allergan vill nog väldigt gärna på allvar få ut en tablett på marknaden, men är Setipiprant tillräckligt säker och effektiv long term?


Change From Baseline in Target Area Hair Count (TAHC) at Week 24 [ Time Frame: Baseline (Day 1) to Week 24 ]
TAHC was measured using digital imaging analysis and was reported in terminal hairs/centimeters square (cm^2). TAHC is a standardized objective quantification of the number of hairs within a prespecified target area of the scalp at different timepoints, using macrophotography digital images. The total number of terminal hairs (hair width ≥ 30 μm) was calculated from macrophotographs. The target area used to count TAHC was a 1 cm^2 circular area of clipped hair (length approximately 1 mm) located at the anterior leading edge of the vertex thinning area of the scalp and centered with a semi-permanent microdot tattoo to ensure the same target area was reproduced at each visit. A positive change from Baseline indicated improvement (increase in the number of terminal hairs). Missing data are imputed up to Week 24 using last observation carried forward (LOCF) method.

Subject Self-Assessment (SSA) Score in Hair Growth at Week 24 [ Time Frame: Week 24 ]
The SSA consisted of a single-item measure that assesses each participant's perception of change in scalp hair growth. The participant used a standardized global photograph of his scalp taken at the Screening visit presented side by side with a standardized global photograph taken at the postbaseline visit to give a comparative score. The photographs were presented in a blinded and randomized manner to avoid influencing the participant, and response options were on a 7-point ordinal scale (where, ‐3=Greatly decreased, ‐2=Moderately decreased, ‐1=Slightly decreased, 0=No change, +1=Slightly increased, +2=Moderately increased and +3=Greatly increased). The higher the mean SSA value, the more the perception of hair growth from baseline. Missing data are imputed up to Week 24 using LOCF method.
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