Lökjuice, studier visar att det fungerar SIGNIFIKANT

Lökjuice, studier visar att det fungerar SIGNIFIKANT

Den nyaste forskningen relaterad till håravfall
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01 Apr 2020, 00:35

One of those topics you always find popping up in hair loss forums is onion juice.
Some swear by it, others dismiss it out of hand.

But what’s the truth - can it actually work for baldness?

As always, you can count on us to bring you the facts.

Coming right up.

Now guys onions are actually thought to be helpful for a variety of health issues.

Onions are rich in a chemical group called flavonoids. These are the compounds that give the different varieties their characteristic color, be they reddish or yellow.

A preponderance of the anthocyanin flavonoids imparts a red color, whereas the flavonol class of flavonoids is responsible for the yellow color.

But either way, flavonoids are powerful antioxidants, and their consumption has been linked to a variety of health benefits.

These range from cardiovascular health, to the protection of the nervous system, cognitive benefits, even anti-cancer properties. Flavonoids also have power anti-inflammatory properties.

Now, aside from flavonoids, onions are also rich in sulfur. This is a powerful antibacterial believed to be very beneficial to the skin.

So that’s all very nice, but what about hair loss? Can onion juice’s antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties actually aid hair growth?

Are there any published studies on this?

To date, we are only aware of one such study. But the results of this single study are impressive, to stay the least.

The men and women in this study had alopecia areata.

This is an autoimmune type of hair loss that leads to the sudden appearance of bald patches on the scalp.

It affects both men and women alike, and its causation is not fully understood.

So the patients in this study were split into two groups. One group applied onion juice on their scalp twice daily. People in the other group applied tap water twice daily.

After two months of treatment, only 2% of patients in the tap water group had experienced hair growth.

But the onion juice group had very different results. A whopping 87% of patients in this group had full hair regrowth.

Needless to say, this difference between the two groups was highly statistically significant.

Now the authors of this study had a hard time accounting for these impressive results.

The molecular mechanism by which onion juice accomplished this regrowth is not understood.

It might have to do with the flavonoids or the sulfur, or it might be something else entirely. We cannot know for sure at this point.

So what about the side effects?

Well, this is a natural treatment, so there are no serious side effects. Certainly nothing systemic.

The most common reaction is mild redness and itching. This is likely to occur in around half or more of users.

If you find that this irritation is too intense, you can always weaken the onion juice by adding some water. Alternatively, you can reduce the application frequency.

Som man kan läsa så hade 87% signifikant hairgrowth, vi behöver därmed inte ifrågesätta löken längre, dessutom så ger den bättre resultat än minoxodil
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05 Apr 2020, 20:16

What! April skämt eller? :shock:
Har du länk till studien? Är det gul, vit eller rödlök och hur gör man mixen och hur ska det appliceras?
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