Ny intressant PRP-studie

Ny intressant PRP-studie

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04 Jan 2019, 13:03

Studies suggest platelet-rich plasma (PRP) may mitigate androgenetic alopecia (AGA), but each varies in the frequency of and interval between treatments.

To compare the efficacy, satisfaction, tolerability, and safety of 2 initial PRP injection protocols over 6 months.


Prospective, randomized, single-blinded trial among 40 patients with moderate AGA. Participants received subdermal PRP injections according to 1 of 2 treatment protocols: 3 monthly sessions with booster 3 months later (Group 1) or 2 sessions every 3 months (Group 2). Folliscope hair count and shaft caliber, global photography, and patient satisfaction questionnaires were obtained at baseline, 3 months, and 6 months.

At 6 months, both groups demonstrated statistically significant increases in hair count (p < .001). These improvements occurred more rapidly and more profoundly for Group 1 (mean percent change: Group 1, 29.6 ± 13.6 vs Group 2, 7.2 ± 10.4; p < .001). Shaft caliber also increased significantly with no difference between groups. Treatments produced high satisfaction (82% "satisfied" or "highly satisfied") and were safe and well tolerated (mean pain score 2.1).

Subdermal PRP injections are an efficacious and tolerable therapy among men and women with AGA. The benefits may be greater if first administered monthly. Clinicians should consider these findings when designing treatment plans.

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