permanenta rynkor av minoxidil?

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11 Oct 2011, 19:16

Någon som har erfarenhet av att rynkorna minskat eller försvunnit vid samband med att man slutat använda minox?
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02 Jul 2018, 17:17

Bumpar denna rackare...

Har funderat på att börja med minoxidil, och då kom jag över detta fenomen som jag bara läst om. Man vet inte vad man ska tro... men läste detta av en kille på ett forum. Verkar ändå vettigt.

"its a vasodilator and what minoxidil does is dilate vessels for increased blood flow. A lot of ppl dont have time to put it on in the morning so they put it on before bed and start to get lazy with it and just go to bed. It seeps into the pillow and you end up putting your face on it for 8 hours. The skin around your eye is incredibly thin so it will absorb and dilate it there. Also what happens when you dilate vessels locally and you go to bed, some that have a ****ty diet with ton of salt then drink water together will wake up with an uber puffy face. Thats bc the sodium leaks out and sucks water along with it.

How to use minox properly:

Put it on right when you come in for the day assuming you arent going back out. Leave it in for an hour. SHOWER it all out
Make sure your pillows are clean. Don't let it get on there. Avoid salt at night since when you lay down blood will pool to your head and may leak out vessels
Massage your face in the morning to expell extra sodium. Youll never have a problem. Also cardio will help sweat out any puffy looking face"
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